August 15th 2019 8 Bowden Rd. New Kitchen Fire
2018 Department Dinner
2018 Fire Deparment Officers
2016 911 Memorial Ceremony
2016 National Night Out
2016 Rescue Up Competition
2015 Deputy Chief Vehicle
Cedar Grove Fire Dept. 2016 Awards Dinner
Department Drill December 2015
No Fear Fearon Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser
2015 Battle of The Badges
8-30-2015 Car Fire 100 Cedar Ridge Drive
Mutual Aid to Ostego Rd. Verona 8-17-15
August 4th 2015 Brush Fire ECHC
2015 Department Picnic
Nassau Road Verona Mutual Aid 6-6-15
2015 Firemans Memorial Service
May 22nd 2015 Dep. Chief Bannons Wedding
May 17th 2015 Trench Rescue Training
5-14-15 Brush Fire 165 Cedar St.
1083 Apartment Fire
May 3rd 2015 Department Drill MCFA
April 26th 2015 Department Drill PCFA
March 24th 2015 Fairview Ave Car Fire
2014 Ford Chiefs Vehicle 700
2014 Fire Prevention Week
26 Myrtle Ave House Fire
675 Pompton Ave. Fire, La Z Boy Store, 10-20-2014
2014 Trench Rescue Training
October 2014 Monthly Drill
2014 Battle of Badges
2014 Extrication Training
2014 September 11th Memorial Service
Department Drill August 2014
Montclair House Fire 8-1-14
2014 Fourth of July Fireworks Display
Cedar Grove 2014 Memorial Day Parade
2014 Firefighter Memorial Service
May's Department 5-4-2014
Mutual Aid To Little Falls Fire Scene April 17th 2014
April 6th 2014 Department Drill PCFA
January 23rd 2014 Caldwell Mutal Aid
January 18th 2014 Chief Tower's Out Going Dinner
1-6-2014 James Zaccaria Swore As Fire Chief
Chili Cook Off 12-15-13
November 28th 2013, A Busy Thanksgiving Day
CGFD Handles Elevator Entrapment November 27th 2013
Center Fire Company 2013 Shred
Passaic County Public Safety Academy 11-23-2013
Mutual Aid to Irving St. Montclair 11-20-2013
Mutal Aid to Orange St. Montclair 11-18-2013
Crestmont Rd Brush Fire 10-26-13
Live Fire Training Middlesex Fire Academy October 6th 2013
Essex Road Stove Fire 9-29-13
MVC 9-25-13 RT23 & N. Bradford
September 24th 2013 Cedar Grove Fire Responds to Motor Vehicle Crash
CGFD Responds to Minor Fuel Spill 900 RT23 9-2-13
September 11th Commemoration 2013
Mask Confidence Drill September 8 2013
2013 Center Fire Company Community Shred
Battle Of The Badges Sept 2013
1384 Rt.23 Wire Fire 9-5-13
Motor Vehicle Crash RT23 & LFRD 9-3-13
Wire Down 8-29-13 125 Fairview Avenue
August 29th 2013 Wire Down Fairview Ave.
1976 Engine 73
1978 Engine 72
South End Fire Company #3
August 13th 2013 Middlesex Fire Academy Drill
Mutual Aid To Irvington Augest 18th 2013
Debris in roadway RT.23 & Bradford Ave 8-11-13
1985 Truck 74
1955 Truck 74
1991 Chiefs Car
1973 Engine 71
Truck 74 Training Flowing Water 7-28-13
Mutual Aid To Woodland Park July 18th 2013
Learning Experience 1090 Pompton Avenue 7-17-2013
Mutual Aid To Totowa July 17th 2013
July 14th 2013 Mulch Fire 72 Village Park Road
Mutual Aid To Montclair Fire Scene 369 Claremont Ave. July 14th 2013
Elevator Malfunction 398 Pompton Avenue July 13th 2013
Engine 76
Special Operations Trailer
Truck 76
Cedar Grove Fire Responds To Belleville Mutual Aid
Caputo's Mulch Pile Fire July 5th 2013
July 4th Fireworks 2013
Essex County Public Safety Academy Basic Fire Fighter I Graduation
Verona Annin Flag Drill 6-26-13
6-9-13 Sunday Drill (Flow Testing E71 Handlines)
South Orange Fire Department Standby
Essex County Fire Academy Spring 2013 Class
2013 Cedar Grove Fire Department Memorial Day Service
2013 Cedar Grove Fire Department Picnic
Cedar Grove Fire Department Members Participated in the 2013 Cedar Grove Township Clean Sweep
Essex County Bike Path Trestle Struck
1980"s Brush Truck 75
1945 Civil Defense Brush Truck
2013 Department Extrication Training
2013 Trench Rescue Training
Cedar Grove Fire Fighters Respond To Flash Fire
Safe Grilling
Cedar Grove Fire Department Responds To Little Falls
1090 Pompton Avenue AC Unit Malfunction
Minor Brush Fire in the Hilltop Reservation
Auto Extrication Training April 3rd 2013
March 2013 Department Drill at Passaic County Public Safety Academy
Beech St. Chimney Fire
Mutual Aid Response 15 Forest Street Montclair
Totowa Mutual Aid February 22nd 2013
128 Anderson Parkway Fire 02-13-23 at 5:14am
Digging Out! Removal of snow around fire hydrants.
February 8th 2013 Snow Storm Standby
Winter Car Safety
CGARS responds to Train vs Truck Crash 01-30-2013 Little Falls
Super Storm Sandy Response
Essex County Spring 2012 Fire Fighter I Graduation
2011 Center Fire Company Community Document Destruction Event.
Commercial Building Fire, Former Essex County Hospital Center
Highfield Lane House Fire
Essex County Fire Academy
Engine 71 Wetdown
71 Wetdown 2011
Woodside Terr. Truck Fire
2010 Fire Graduation
Former Engine 76
Bortic Rd Garage Fire
2010 Trench Rescue Drill
2010 CGRS/CGFD Confined Space Drill
MVC Roll Over 109 Rt.23 with injury.
CGFD Responds To Essex County Hospital Loading Dock Fire
Serious MVC with ejection Ridge and Union
Center Fire Company Shred-It Event
Police vs Fire Charity Softball Game 2009
Police vs Fire Charity Softball Game 2010
8-11-10 Working Garbage Truck Fire
Extrication Rt. 23 & Sweetwood on 8-1-2010
MV rollover on Ridge Rd. 6/16/10
Caldwell RIT Assignment 7-16-10
Diner Fire 4/22
Vehicle Rescue Operations Class 4/10
ECHC 4-8-10 Car Fire
Mutual Aid to Fairfield
Old News Paper Articles
New Rescue Pumper Bid Approved
Center Fire Company #1
Mutual Aid Little Falls
Bradford Ave & Woodstone, Car Fire 2-25-10
2009 ECHC Fire
Training Pictures
2010 Department Dinner
Engine 73
Past Fire Pictures
Brush Truck 75
Chief Bannon's Swearing In Ceremony
Engine 71
Truck 74
702 Deputy Chief Car
Engine 72
701 Command Vehicle
700 Command Vehicle