Current Apparatus
700 Chief of The Department Vehicle
The Chief of The Department operates this 2014 Chevy Tahoe. 
701 1st Deputy Chief's Vehicle
2015 Ford Police Utlity Interceptor, placed in service in September of 2015
702 2nd Deputy Chiefs Vehicle
This 2008 Ford Expedition Command Vehicle was operated by the Chief of Department up until 2014. Now it's being operated by the departments 2nd Deputy Chief
Brush Truck 75

Brush Truck 75 is a 2005 Ford F350. Its the primary response unit for all brush and wildland fires. This utility vehicle has a pump, 250 gallon tank with 3⁄4" booster line, and carries a wide array of hand tools and saws. In addition, this vehicle is equipped to haul the Special Operations Trailer to Technical Rescue situations when needed. Truck 75 is stationed at Center Fire Company #1.

Engine 71

Engine 71 is a 2010 Pierce PUC Style Engine , housed at Center Fire Company #1, is a pumper as well as a rescue vehicle as it is equipped with tools for vehicle extrication and forcible entry. 71 is outfitted with two 2" pre-connect attack lines of 200 feet each, and a 1 3⁄4" pre-connect line of 150 feet used to flow foam at car fires. It has 5" and 3" supply line, ground ladders, miscellaneous hand tools, various saws and 40 gallons of foam. This engine holds 500 gallons of water, and is capable of pumping 1500 gallons of water a minute.

Engine 72
2011 Pierce Velocity, 2000 GPM pumper is assigned to Station 2 North End Company
Engine 73
Engine 73, located at South End Fire Company #3, is a pumper. Engine 73 is equipped with two 2" pre-connect attack lines of 200 feet each, and a 1 3⁄4" pre-connect line of 150 feet used to flow foam at car fires. It has 5" and 3" supply line, ground ladders, miscellaneous hand tools, various saws and 40 gallons of foam. This engine holds 500 gallons of water, and is capable of pumping 1500 gallons of water a minute.
Special Operations Trailer

The Special Operations Trailer is a 2006 Atlas Trailer. Its primary purpose is for trench rescue operations.  The trailer contains numerous specialty tools including Para Tech Rescue Struts, Air Bags, and Life Rescue Ropes. The trailer is equipped with a generator and also carries a full array of hand tools and lumber. Cedar Grove Fire Department is a member of a joint trench rescue team along with the Montclair, North Caldwell, and Roseland Fire Departments. The Special Operations Trailer is housed at Station 4.

Truck 74
Truck 74 is a 2005 Pierce Ariel Ladder. With a truck mounted aerial device, ground ladders, pump, hand lines and supply line, Truck 74 is a true Quint. Housed at Center Fire Company #1, Truck 74 has a 105 foot ladder with elevated water streams. It is equipped with tools for forcible entry, and carries a wide range of ground ladders, miscellaneous hand tools, various saws, and fans. This truck holds 500 gallons of water and is capable of pumping 1500 gallons of water a minute. This vehicle responds first to the scene of any/all all incidents within Cedar Grove.
Truck 76

Truck 76 is a 2012 Ford F-550. It is a multi-purpose department vehicle. The vehicles primary purpose is towing the department’s special operation trailer. However whenever a department apparatus is out of service Truck 76 stands in its place to ferry men and equipment to the scene of an emergency. Truck 76 is housed at Station 4.

Retired Apparatus
1945 Civil Defense Brush Truck

Cedar Grove's First Brush Truck, Chief James Hart placed this 1945 truck into service. The pump and water tanks were fitted by fire department members.

1980's Brush Truck 75

This was The Cedar Grove Fire Departments 2nd Brush Truck, a converted US Army Surplus Ambulance, converted and placed into service by Chief Michael Flohn.

1991 Chief's Vehicle

1991 Chevrolet Caprice Fire Chief Command Vehicle. This vehicle was a hand-me-down from the police department and was the departments first township issued Chief's Vehicle placed into service. Operated initially by Center Fire Company's Chief James Fitzgerald 

702 2nd Deputy Chiefs Vehicle

The 1st Deputy Chief of the department operated this 1998 Ford Expedition up until 2014. The Vehicle is now operated by the departments 2nd Deputy Chief 702.

702 Chief Car

This vehicle a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria was last assigned to the Second Deputy Fire Chief. Unit# 702. The vehicle was retired in 2014.

Engine 71

1993 KME, First of three purchased, 1500 GPM Renegade Pumper was assigned to Station 1, Center Fire Company. Delivered in June of 2003.

1993 (06-1993), KME Renegade Pumper, Stainless Steel Body, Aluminum Cab, Hale1500 Gallon Pump, 1500 GPM, Two Stage, Three Pre Connects, (2) 21/2” & (2) 6” Inlets, (6)21/2” Outlets, 95GPM Foam System, 40 Gallons Poly Foam Tank, 500 Gal Poly Water Tank, 13 Compartments, Trash line in front bumper, White over Red, 10 Man Raised Roof, Totally Enclosed, 600’ 3” Hose and 1200” 5”Hose, (3) Single Stack,  Diesel Detroit Series 60 425 HP, 65 Fuel Tank, Allison HT-740, 15,619 Miles and 2643 Hours When Sold, Jake Brake, 190” Wheel Base, 45,180 GVW, 114” (9’-6”) High, 30’ Long, 8’ Wide, 65KV diesel (4,500 watt) Generator, 133’ Total of Ground Ladders, 3 Pike Poles, Warning Lights Code 3, Electronic and Mech, (4 )500 watt 110volt Scene Lights, Akron Apollo Deck Gun. 


Engine 71

1973 American La France 1000 GPM Pumper, Operated out of Center Fire Company 1973-1993

Model:Pacemaker, Vin: PM 21-3595, 1000 GPM 2 Stage American La France Pump, NTF-365 Cummins Diesel Engine, HT-740 Allison Transmission, High Side Compartments, 2-10' Lengths -5" Hard Suction Hose, 1-12' Length Soft Suction Hose, Booster Reel and 1" Booster Hose.

Traded in with 32,000 Miles, 3950 Hours for $3,000.00 

Engine 72
Engine 72 which was a 1996 KME 1500 gpm pumper.  Assigned to Company 2 it was retired in 2012
Engine 72

North End Fire Company #2 operated this 1978 American LaFrance 1000 GPM Pumper. Model Century with NTF-365 Cummins Diesel, Low-side compartments right and left sides, two 10 foot lenghts of 5" Hard Suction Hose, 1200 ' of 3" hose, 500' of 1 3/4" hose, 250' of 1 1/2" hose, one flat head ax, one 12' roof ladder, one 10' folding ladder, assorted fittings, six Scott Air Packs, 1000 GPM American LaFrance Pump, HT-740 Allison Transmission, One 12' lenght of 5" soft suction hose, 150' of 2 1/2" hose, booster reel 1" booster hose, one pickhead ax, one 24' extension ladder, two pike polls, assorted nozzles, six Scott Air Bottles. 

This Engine with 19422 miles and 2822 hours was traded in to purchase the 1996 KME E72

Engine 73

South End Fire Company operated this 1976 American LaFrance 1000 GPM Model Century Punper equiped with, NTF-365 Cummins Diesel, High side compartments, right and left sides, Two 10' lengths, 5" Hard suction hose, 1700' of 3" hose, 600' of 1-1/2" hose, One flat head ax, One 12' ladder, One 10' folding ladder, Assorted fittings, Seven Scott SCBA, 1000 GPM American LaFrances Pump, HT-Allison Transmission, Top side compartments, One 10' length 5" hose, Booster reel and 1" booster hose, One pick head ax, Two pike polls, Assorted nozzles, Ten Scott bottles.

Engine 73 was traded in with 22426 Miles, 3141 Hours

Engine 76

Engine 76 was a 1991 Commercial Intentional Cab with a K.M.E. Body. It was originally a Essex County Fire Department Apparatus house at the former Essex County Fire House on Fairview Avenue. It provided fire protection for the Essex County Hospital Center, also know as Overbook Psychiatric Hospital. When the Essex County Fire Department was disbanded Engine 76 was tuned over to the Cedar Grove Fire Department who now provides fire protection for the county facility. Engine 76 was sold in 2010, and replaced by a Utility Truck 76.

Truck 74

1955 Mack "B" Model Open Cab 750 GPM Pumper, Color White with (2) 10' Hard Suction, (1) 10' Soft Suction, 14' Roof Ladder, 28', 35',50' Extension Ladders, 10' Folding Ladder, 15lb Co.2 Extinguisher, ABC Extinguisher, 5' Pry Bar, Hard Suction Stainer, 5" to 4 1/2" Strainer, Pike Pole, 300' Booster Hose.

This was Traded In 1985 for 75 Foot Hann L.T.I. for $3,000.00

Truck 74

1985 75 Foot Hann L.T.I. Aerial Ladder Truck, 1500 GPM Pump, 800' Supply Hose. Was Purchased for $249,586.00